Hannah Marie

Let’s ensure we’re an excellent fit. Here’s a little more about me…

Hi! I’m Hannah Marie. I absolutely love what I do and am honoured to be trusted to create your portraits, year after year.

I was recently asked to share what motivates me. What is my “why” for being a professional portrait photographer. So, what motivates me?
I am motivated by the ever-evolving path of refinement of my craft – the craft of the artist and of the businesswoman.

Hannah Marie | The Artist
  • Hannah Marie | The Artist

  • The artist in me is motivated to make the world a brighter place; to share my craft with those who have something or someone to cherish.

    I am motivated by the knowledge that I can be a blessing to someone’s day, or week, or month – to capture a moment in their lives I know they will hold dear.

    I am motivated by my calling to share the beauty I witness in this world, every day.

    Most of all, I am motivated by the passion I feel when I am creating a beautiful image, and even more so when I get to hold it in my hands as a beautiful piece of artwork!

    Photo: Charleston, South Carolina

Hannah Marie | The Businesswoman
  • Hannah Marie | The Businesswoman

  • The businesswoman in me is motivated by the belief that I can do it.

    I’m motivated by my failures - to own up, learn and grow. I’m motivated by my weaknesses – to realize and challenge them.

    I’m equally motivated by the success of others – see what’s possible and then go for it for myself!

    I'm motivated by teaching others and seeing them grow into amazing business people and artists!

    Photo: I'd like to extend a big thank you to Josh Fisher who provided me with my head shot! He's a talented photographer based in Oklahoma and you can find him at www.joshfisherphotography.com.

  • Location

  • Truthfully, wherever my heart, feet, and lens take me! But I always return home...

    Hannah Marie, Photographer
    Waterloo, Ontario

    +1 (226) 606-1645
    Office Hours:
    Monday – Friday 9:00am – 4pm
    By appointment only.

    Photo: Big Sur, California