Waterloo Wedding PhotographerTips for hiring your Waterloo Wedding Photographer

These days everyone is a photographer. Instagram is filled with curated photographs of deliciously beautiful food, colourful sunsets, and the ever-so-famous selfie. So, when everyone and their uncle is a photographer, how do you ensure you’re hiring a wedding professional you can truly trust to capture one of the most special days of your life? I’ve taken a moment to jot down a few thoughts on what to remember when beginning your search for the best professional Waterloo wedding photographer for your big day!

1 | Style – When hiring a Waterloo wedding photographer, consider the wedding photographer’s photographic style. This will be the first thing you notice about the wedding photographers you’re considering and you may find yourself drawn to a few different wedding photography styles.

The Waterloo wedding photographer you select for your wedding day will likely be the first artists you’re commissioning to create custom artwork for your home.

Glance through the Waterloo wedding photographer’s portfolio and imagine their work on your walls. Do you love what you see? You should! Your wedding photography will be decorating your walls for years to come. Many Waterloo wedding photographers have unique shooting and editing styles that will set them apart from the rest.

2 | Personality – Your Waterloo wedding photographer will be by your side for the majority of the day. In fact, wedding photographers often spend more time with you on your wedding day than your closest family and friends so be sure to find a professional wedding photographer you enjoy and can feel at ease around.

3 | Service – What level of service do you expect from your Waterloo wedding photographer? You will typically find two types of wedding photographers in Waterloo.  The first type of Waterloo wedding photographer you’ll find is the professional boutique full-service wedding photographer who will focus on delivering a special experience from day one. Expect these Waterloo wedding photographers to work with you to provide styling tips for your engagement session, coach you on your wedding day timeline to ensure a well planned out schedule, and this wedding photographer will even help you select the best artwork for your home and will have it made for you using professional grade labs.  The second type of wedding photography service you’ll find offered in Waterloo is the “Shoot and Share” wedding photographers. These Waterloo wedding photographers will provide you with only the digital images from your wedding day.

4| Albums and Artwork – One big thing that often sets Waterloo wedding photographers apart from one another is the quality and style of their wedding albums.

Do you want a Waterloo wedding photographer who offers completely custom wedding albums crushed velvet on the inside cover? Some wedding photographers allow you to select from multiple Italian leathers, and opt for a more simple design featuring one or two curated images per page. Maybe a classic black Italian leather album with thick lay-flat pages is more your style. Others may prefer the coffee table style album with traditional paper and collaged pages showing many pictures per page.

Your wedding album will be your very first family heirloom and you will find every album imaginable when interviewing Waterloo wedding photographers. Go in to your consultation with an idea of what you would love to have in your hands for years to come.

Likewise, find a Waterloo wedding photographer who will provide you with the artwork you would love to hang on your walls. Whether you’re looking for a classic framed portrait, or a more modern acrylic bridal portrait print, you will find a Waterloo wedding photographer who offers exactly what you’re looking for.

If you have no idea what you want yet, trust your professional Waterloo wedding photographer to educate you on the amazing options available from professional labs.

5 | Number of Waterloo wedding photographers – Some Waterloo wedding photographers prefer to shoot solo, while other Waterloo wedding photography teams will provide two wedding photographers for your big day as well as an assistant. Discuss these options with your Waterloo wedding photographer to help you decide which best suits your needs.

6 | Cost – While numbers may play a roll in hiring your Waterloo wedding photographer, there are many other factors to consider. When chatting with friends and family who are newly weds, I often ask if there was one thing they wish they could change about their wedding day what would it be? I have heard two responses more than any other. One is size – the bride and groom wish they had invited more or fewer people. The most common response, though, is they wish they had invested more in their Waterloo wedding photographer to ensure their memories were captured as beautifully as they remembered them.

7 | Locations -The best thing you can do is hire a Waterloo wedding photographer you’re confident you can trust the creative direction to on your big day! Your Waterloo wedding photographer should be extremely familiar with the city’s hot-spots for wedding photography and be ready with some new ideas for where to shoot and how to capture your Waterloo wedding in a fresh way. Kitchener’s Victoria Park, and Waterloo’s Waterloo Park are bound to be filled with brides on any given Saturday. Find a Waterloo wedding photographer who will be excited to introduce you to new ideas and locations that haven’t been over-shot.

When hiring your Waterloo Wedding Photographer remember your priorities of wedding photography style & creative direction, the overall experience you expect from your Waterloo wedding photographer, the personality of your preferred Waterloo wedding photographer, and the album and artwork you want to have as your first family heirlooms.

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