17hats | contracts, invoices, quotespart 3 of 4

This is the third in a four-part series on the business & client management tools provided in 17hats. Two of the main things I hear new 17hats users asking is for help knowing where to start, and how to set up their workflows. That’s what I will address in this 4-part series.

In Part 1, I touched on what drew me to 17hats and how to know if it’s right for you.
In Part 2, I discussed where to start when you first dive in to 17hats and how to make the most of your email templates.
In this, Part 3, I will go into detail regarding 17hats contracts, invoices, quotes.
Finally, I’ll end with Part 4 – a post dedicated to how I set up my workflows.

Continued from Part 2

17hats-hannah-marie-photography17hats contracts, invoices, quotes

I decided to tackle the 17hats contracts, invoices, quotes, and workflow because they all work together. If you set up the contracts, invoices, and quotes first, setting up your workflow will be a breeze!

3 | Contracts
As soon as I had all of my email templates entered I moved my contracts into place. Again, if you have contracts this will be a breeze – simply cut and paste. If you don’t have contracts yet, get them immediately. Higher legal counsel and make sure you’re covered.

When creating your contract in 17hats, take advantage of the following two tools to make the most of the program:
-“Tokens” are available in contracts just as they are in email templates. Use them to input the clients’ names, contact info, project date and location and time, etc. (NOTE: Any information you have a token for must be included in your contact’s profile in order for it to be inserted properly.)
-“Forms” are useful here too. Primarily if you want to streamline your workflows. I used to have a different contract for each wedding collection. Now I have one that highlights what is in each collection and I use a check box form to allow my client to select the one they want. The forms are also great for areas like the the booking fee where the clients need to initial to say they’ve read the fine print.

4 | Invoices
Once your contracts are done, input your most common invoices. These forms are fairly straight forward and allow you to select whether or not an item is taxable.

5 | Quotes
Once your contracts and invoices are complete you can put them together to create your quotes.

When you first start your quote you can include multiple options for your client to select from. For example, my wedding clients will see the three collections I offer. The client can then select only one of them and then they sign the quote. Another way to use this feature is to allow them to select all that apply – like when the client is selecting from an a la carte menu and they want to select more than one item.

When I create the quote I select all three boxes to the right for Invoice, Contract, and Payment Schedule. This is where the power is! It streamlines the process so that as soon as my client signs their quote to accept it they’ll be presented with the invoice, then the contract, and then the due date for payments. Amazing! As soon as I activate a quote for a potential client, the system will walk them through the booking process completely seamlessly and without any more prompting from me.

I think you’ll love the 17hats contracts, invoices, quotes, and workflow features as much as I do and I hope this helped you understand an efficient way to work towards setting up your workflows. Trust me, with these things done the rest will be easy peasy! In my next post I will cover workflows in 17hats.

If you have found this helpful, or have any tips to offer regarding 17hats Contracts, Invoices, Quotes or Workflow please share below!

Thanks, and have a great day!!


PS If you don’t already have 17hats and are reading this to see if it is right for you, I have a little treat for you. They are offering 10% off to my readers who use the following link to sign up! Receive 10% off 17hats! And in full disclosure, for each new business owner I send their way I receive a little treat as a thank you. The 17hats contracts, invoices, quotes, and workflow make my life so much easier that the other amazing features are bonus!