October 5, 2015

ShutterFest 2016

It seems like every month I have a new announcement to make! The past 7 months have been one big incredible whirlwind with what seems like big announcements ever month or two. In addition to getting to work with so many incredible clients, I have reached some pretty big goals and career highs!

Here’s one more announcement to take us through October!

While the ShutterFest community already knows this, I’m excited to officially announce that
I am on the ShutterFest 2016 speaker lineup!


ShutterFest 2016 St Louis Photography conference Hannah Marie
ShutterFest 2016 will be held in St. Louis at the end of March. Throughout ShutterFest 2016, I will be teaching the following three classes:

Organize & Automate a Better Customer Experience This will be a revised version of the CreativeLive Photo Week 2015 class I taught. You’ll learn how to have less stress by organizing your business, and also how to overcome overwhelm by automating your day-to-day tasks. By implementing the simple techniques I’ll be teaching, you’ll create some extra space to breathe within your business allowing you to have a healthier, happier life, with more time to spend it doing what you love!

Shooting for albums | Happier Clients & Bigger Sales This hands-on class will show how I coach my clients in order to ensure I get the shots I need to tell their story as completely as I can. Regardless of whether I’m photographing a wedding or a family session, I shoot with the final products in mind. I want my wedding albums to tell the story of the day, and I want my family albums to show the dynamics of the family. My clients LOVE their albums and are always so pleased to be able to showcase their new album in their home.

In Person Sales | How to Make a Smooth Transition This class will help you make the move to providing a full-service experience for your clients by providing a beautiful professional product line.

I am pretty darn excited for March to arrive and look forward to teaching alongside some incredible talents in our industry! The speaker lineup is insane this year and I can’t possibly list everyone here but here are a few off the top of my head just to pique your interest…

-Sal & Taylor Cincotta
-Bambi Cantrell
-Scott Robert Lim
-Craig Lamere
-Lori Nordstrom
-Michael Anthony
-Vanessa Joy
-Blair Phillips
-The Blumes
-Skip Cohen

The list goes on.

Register now to join me in St. Louis. The main sponsor hotel sold out in April and the second one is filling quickly.

The conference is $199 (they extended early bird pricing so if you hurry you might be able to secure it at $99).

Included in the price of the conference are ALL classes (hands-on and lecture), Rent-a-Human program (borrow a model for a portfolio building shoot!), and so much more. Seriously.

If you’re looking for a conference to attend that’s small and intimate but incredible, this one will blow you out of the water and you won’t just feel like a face in the crowd!

Will I see you there? Be sure to say hi!

Waterloo Wedding Photographer Hannah Marie

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