(Or 7 months, to be exact) For the first 8 years of owning my own business as a professional photographer, I mainly kept to myself. When I was first launching my business I took a quick glance at what some photographers offered to get an idea of what my clients might like (I don’t recommend this), but […]

Eight months ago I set a series of goals for myself. In the “5-year” category I wrote down, “Become an instructor on CreativeLive”. I am no different than most professional photographers out there. I love my craft and the business of my industry but I also have a big passion for teaching. I always have. […]

Happy World Photography Day!!! What better way to celebrate my amazing industry than with an exciting announcement?! This past winter I set a 5-year goal and last week, only 6 months later, I’ve received the invitation I had set out towards! As always, I like to celebrate all my big and small successes and what better way […]

This is the fourth and final post in a four-part series on the business & client management tools provided in 17hats. Two of the main things I hear new 17hats users asking is for help knowing where to start, and how to set up their 17hats workflows. That’s what I have addressed in this 4-part series. In Part 1, I touched on what […]

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