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June 22, 2015

The stories I love to tell

The stories I love to tell

As a teenager I often watched the Oprah show after school. One afternoon her guest was a maternity photographer – I had never heard of such a thing before but I immediately loved the concept and thought, “In my dream life that is what I want to do.”

Fast forward a decade (okay…so maybe it’s been more than a decade!) and here I am living the dream.

I absolutely love photographing women at all stages of life. Each woman has her own story to share – whether she is a fifty-something woman who wants to treat herself to a boudoir session, r a 20-something bride whose family has grown to 4 before she hits 30.

There is strength and beauty in every woman’s story and it’s those stories I love to tell.

This is the story of a 20-something bride and her growing family. She and her husband met in college, married on a brisk September day in 2007, and welcomed their first child on Father’s Day, 2013. They are now awaiting the arrival of their second child who is due any day now!

These are the portraits of her story.

First, the inspiration for the entire series: a bridal portrait we shot in Moncton, New Brunswick during her bridal session.

Waterloo Wedding Photography Hannah Marie

Second, a maternity portrait from her first pregnancy 2 years ago, shot in the Ontario countryside.

Waterloo Maternity Photography Hannah marie

Third, a portrait of her near the end of her second pregnancy along with her two year old daughter, also shot in Ontario.

Waterloo Maternity Photography Hannah Marie

Last but not least, there is one more portrait I have in mind after baby arrives that will include dad but that concept is under lock and key until shoot day.

As a Waterloo maternity photographer I find so much joy photographing such a special time in a woman’s story. Life slows down a little before baby arrives – at least, mom’s ability to move slows down a little. Anticipation fills the air, a few nerves come to the surface, and mom-to-be has a slight glow and a certain peace about her.

I would love to tell your story. What would your milestones look like? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

I will have this series on display in my office on three of my fine art canvases. The bridal portrait will be displayed in the middle on a 24×36 canvas, with each maternity portrait on either side in 15×30.


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